Book Fanatics are the Best Fanatics

Litsy readers are an amazing resource for finding your next read… Or for bulking up your TBR

In March of this year I stumbled across the book blogging platform Litsy, a mobile app-only place that works much like Instagram. The difference is that it’s exclusively for a reader-centric community, and I love it.


Litsy has a 450 word limit which makes reading reviews wonderful. I don’t need the ten page dissection of an author’s work in order to make a decision on whether or not I want to read their book. When I’m reading, I’m doing so as a reader, not a writer or an editor or a literary critic. The limited word space keeps the reviewer focused on the big “wow, amazing!” or the big “wow, no.” aspects of the book. I love this feature and have discovered many more books from Litsy readers than the bookstagram reviewers or Goodreads community.

Lovely Community

The Litsy community is a joyous and playful one. There are countless games, brief questionnaires, and tons of giveaways that are open to anyone to participate. People routinely tag friends and strangers alike to join in the fun because it’s just the natural thing to do. In addition to the games and contests are the themed package swaps. I myself haven’t participated in one yet, but I love seeing everyone’s posts, sharing their surprise package and all the carefully selected (or crafted!) gifts. Handcrafted book covers, bookmarks, tea cozies, and so on. The Litsy community has some of the most talented, and thoughtful, people I’ve ever known.

Champions of Newcomers

The wonderful camaraderie doesn’t stop with groups of people who are familiar with one another. Oh no, it reaches everyone, including the new Litsy users. Not only is there a dedicated tag to welcoming newcomers, #litsywelcomewagon, there’s an account setup under the same label specifically for calling out the latest arrivals: @LitsyWelcomeWagon. I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve joined plenty of communities over the years–forums, apps, and countless social media platforms–and I have never received such a warm welcome. I’m not quite sure how they spot new accounts so quickly but there’s a whole task force of users who make sure the new people are properly welcomed by the bandwagon. Your first day on Litsy you can easily get 50+ follows without doing anything.

Expanding Your Reading Interests

The openness of Litsy makes it a lot easier to crack open genres of books you ordinarily would avoid. My least favorite genre is anything geared for YA readers. I’ve read some–Hunger Games, Divergent series–but in general I just don’t like them. But I’m finding that Litsy readers can offer suggestions on par with the most dedicated librarians or bookshop owners (many Litsy users happen to be those too!) If you post a request for a break-in book with your dislikes that keeps you out of a particular genre, you’ll get plenty of quality suggestions.

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